Redneck Sippy Cup Holder

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The Redneck Sippy Cup Holder With Jar

A handcrafted wood crate to hold your canned beverage or mason jar of tea (or moonshine) once ya eat yer nutz.
We priced this right because we want every redneck and non-redneck to have one of these…
…cable tied to their tractor or lawn mower, filled with sweet tea cause ya gotta stay hydrated on hot summer days.
…or nailed to yer porch railin to hold yer moonshine, er beverage, while grillin.
…because it’s just better than a plain coaster because it doesn’t tip over easy when the coon dog is runnin through the house.

1 Reusable, handcrafted crate
1 Koozie
1 Sippy cup lid
1 mason jar of nuts of your choice or an empty mason jar
And twine to tie the cup holder to the deck!

Christmas Gift Exchange!
Have trouble deciding what to buy for the dreaded gift exchange at work? Well, this here is perfect. Get one for yer brother-in-law too. We’ll even throw in some garland for free!

Customize the Crate ($1.00)
Want even more customization?  Add black vinyl wording on the crate, itself. Upload your file or enter the specs in the message area. Please ensure that we have your proper email and phone number.
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