Redneck Nut Bucket


The Redneck Nut Bucket is the best way to try all of our savory nuts! Perfect for gifts, party centerpieces, sharing with friends or just your way of tastin them all!

Bucket includes:

  • (10), 2.5 ounce peanut sacks (1 each) of our famous flavors: Uncle Moe’s Mouth Puckerin Dill, Bubba’s Smoky BBQ, Curious Joe's Curry, Uncle Homer’s Hot Wing, Charlie Bob’s Cheddar Bacon, Halipeen-Ya Dill (jalapeno), Cousin Miller’s Ghost Pepper, Harley’s Habanero & Lime, Red Hot Rt66 and A.J.'s Sriracha & Garlic.
  • (1) reusable 5qt (8" diameter) metal bucket.
  • Cool koozie
Our seasonings are GLUTEN and MSG FREE. We use non-GMO nuts and non-GMO oils, making our nuts a healthier snack. 




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