Redneck Nutz was started in 2013, in the Queen City of the Ozarks, Springfield Missouri, by Mary and David San Paolo. After talking to a close family member who suffers from Celiac Disease, we were surprised to discover seasoned nuts often contained gluten and MSG. Who would have thought that a healthy food was off limits to so many people? We decided to make nuts a healthy option for many people again by making them an MSG-Free and Gluten-Free Snack!

We like to have fun in life and never take ourselves too seriously! Most of our nuts are named after our nutty family members - some names have been changed to protect the "innocent!"

As well as in our online store, Redneck Nutz are also sold at many retail outlets.We offer products y'all want for yourselves as well as gifts for special occasions and corporate gift giving. 

Feel free to contact us, we love hearing from you!

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale, contact us by email with your company information at or by phone at 417-612-7097

Licensed and regulated by the Greene County, MO Health Dept.
and Missouri DHSS, Bureau of Environmental Health Services

Behind the Names

We all have family and friends who we admire and have fond memories of and us at Redneck Nutz are no different.  When we were trying to decide on what flavors to make, we started thinking about our family and friends and what kinds of flavors their memories conjured up. You know, like from the picnics and family dinners that you always looked forward to because aunt so-and-so would bring her specialty.

Well, we tapped into those memories and some might be exaggerated a little-just like any good family story. We also had to change a couple of names to protect the innocent or those in the witness protection program.


Curious Joe's Curry - Joe is the eldest son and has always had an adventurous side.  He not only left the Ozarks to go off to college but he traveled Europe. Along his travels, he developed a taste for curry, so naturally, he wanted his nuts covered in curry.  


Bubba’s Smokin BBQ  - It's hard to even recall how many times our family has enjoyed Bubba’s smoky bbq meats. All we know is that we had Bubba’s sweet smoky meats at all the family gatherins. Now, we can’t jar the smoky barbequed deliciousness of Bubba’s brisket but, what we can do for ya, is to coat our nutz in his tasty seasonings.

Uncle Homer’s Hot Wing - Bubba might be famous for his smoky meats but, Uncle Homer was nearly as famous for his hot wings.  Uncle Homer would make a mess of wings for Sunday football and we would wash them down with a few beers. After an afternoon (preceded by Sunday morning church of course) of eatin wings and throwing back beers, Uncle Homer would start telling stories of this glory days on the high school gridiron.  We kids didn’t mind though, a few stories, heard over and over, was worth the price to munch on those wings.

Charlie Bob’s Cheddar Bacon - Now we always thought Cousin Charlie Bob was a little off in the head.  He would eat bacon with everything.  His paw raised pigs, and we suppose he raised them pigs to keep Charlie Bob in bacon.  One of his favorites was a 2 slices of cheddar cheese with the bacon slices sandwiched between.  We remember Cousin Charlie Bob everytime we eat a handful of these tangy nuggets.

Moe’s Mouth Puckerin Dill - Now, you can’t grow up in the country without enjoying some good homemade pickles.  Uncle Moe was the Peter Piper Pickler of Walnut Grove, formerly known as Possum Trot. He had a garden full of cucumbers and he would pickle them all summer.  He made dill, butter and sweet pickles but, the favorite was dill. 

Uncle Moe's Halipeen-Ya Dill - Uncle Moe had a wife named Trixie. Well, she liked her pickles hot, so Uncle Moe had to kick em up a notch with jalapeno peppers to keep Aunt Trixie happy.  We did the same with these Halipeen-Ya Dill nuts. Warning: even more addicting that Uncle Moe’s Puckerin Dill.


Harley’s Habanero & Lime Harley has always done things his way, he’s a little bit rebel and a little bit stubborn.  Harley wanted a delicious sack of nuts that he could take with him while he was riding the wide open highway on his hog. Harley wanted something hot with a twist. This flavor has Harley’s approval, an explosion of habanero, followed by the tingle of lime.  Hey, what Harley wants, Harley gets, one way or another!



Cousin Miller’s Ghost Pepper -Cousin Miller thinks everything has to be hot, hot, hot.  Cousin Miller bugged the heck out of us until we made something that would water his eyes and put his mouth on fire. We made a flavor that is sure to keep him awake during his long crappie fishin trips.  Now, if it would just keep him from telling those tall fishing tales!


AJ's Sriracha & Garlic -AJ got hooked on this chili sauce called sriracha back when he was working in an Asian restaurant in school. Ever since then, he's been eatin it on just about everthing-rice, beans, eggs, taters and now he can enjoy sriracha on his nuts.  

Amanda Beth's Gingerbread Spice Cashews - Named after Amanda Beth, these cashews are full of sugar and spice and will make you all warm and fuzzy inside.  Amanda Beth is the purdy ginger who lives down the road.  All the boys love her because of her beauty, the girls love her because of her genuine sweetness.

Sissy's Cin'mon Sugar Cashews -The sweet crunch of Sissy’s cashews, is yummy goodness.  Sissy has a sweet tooth almost bigger than her heart. Her cin’mon sugar cashews will satisfy most any folks sweet cravins with the perfect blend of cinnamon and sugar on a whole cashew.

Granny's Fancy Maple Pecans - Granny is the beloved grandmother of the founder. Everyone needs a grandma like her! The only thing better than Granny’s pecan pie, was her fancy shmancy pecans.  Granny would use the pecan halves to make her delicious pecan pies for Thanksgiving.  With the broken pecan pieces, she would coat them in pure maple syrup and roast them until the maple syrup bubbled up like road tar on a hot day. We use pecan halves to recreate Granny’s delicious treat.


Wilma's Maple Black Walnuts Ahh, Wilma’s maple black walnuts, now these brings back some tasty memories.  Back in the day, we not only picked the meat out of the walnut shell for her but, we also picked the walnuts up from under the trees. Sometimes we’d even have to send little brother up the trees to give ‘em a shake to bring down the stubborn nuts. Our reward was holidays full of Wilma’s baked goods, maple and chocolate fudge, banana bread, cookies, she made it all.  Wilma is the founder's Mother, besides being the best mom anyone could ask for, she is an awesome baker/cook.